Valid ePub conversion services

ePub conversion services

.ePub is a file extension that can contain eBooks, eMags, eJournals, or any other digital document, which a user can read on his/her smart mobile device. If we dive deeper into the terminology, it extends to “electronic publication”.

.ePub is one of the most popular eBook formats, readable by a large number of smart, handheld devices, including Apple iPad and iPhone and several Android-based mobiles and tablets.

So, if you are a writer or publisher, and you want to make your eBook or digital document available for Apple iPad’s iBook or the Play Store, then you will have to adhere to the ePub Validation requirements.

ebook conversion services

Convert PDF to epub Formatting

As you all are aware of PDF format, it’s a portable document format usually contains text and images, widely getting used up, however, became an old composition for newly launched devices. So, the question arises – Do we need to write the whole content in a new format? The answer is NO as we do have tools for pdf to epub conversion. We in today’s world focus on smart work rather than hard work.

As far as readability is concerned, EPUB is far better than PDF and that is why Kindle & other devices support EPUB for better content flow and compatibility.

ePub Validator from Global eBook Conversion

Global Ebook Conversion (GEC) has come up with result-centric valid ePub conversion services that ensure that your book meets the standards set by the renowned online publishing platforms. With our ePub validation services, we offer you a relief from all the worries that could be waiting there in the way of your work’s success.

The brilliant developers at GEC have developed an innovative ePub Validator that spots and removes a number of flaws from the file that you send us for review or conversion. The tool enables your work to kiss the triumphant pinnacle while meeting the standard publishing requirements.

Choose GEC for:

  • Up-to-the-minute application
  • intelligent ePub Validator than the applications of many other eBook conversion companies
  • High-quality ePub validation and conversion
  • Responsive design and conversion
  • Highly skilled and knowledgeable team, carrying out the ePub validation for your ebook
  • In-depth Quality check by experienced professionals
  • Quick delivery of your documents or books
  • Safety and privacy of your work
  • Reasonable prices

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