How To Save Money with eBook conversion services?

How To Save Money with eBook conversion services?

Are you tired of spending your hard earnings on getting your material printed and published along with the feeling that if it does not get a better response which means unsuccessful then everything would be in a vain? We can save you on that and give promotional benefits by publishing your eBooks online. We at GEC can help you convert your written material to its online version through our ebook conversion services. Let us extravagantly work on your expectations and give you something in return that you may never forget and come back to us for future savings.

“Writing could be a tedious job and getting it published in a paper form can be a load on your pockets. What if you can have your self-written books converted through eBook conversion services for which you may need to spend lower as compared to your print material?”

If you like writing comics for kids and want their desired stuff converted into a form which gives better readability through fixed layout wherein graphics do not get in one another (no mixing). It will cost you less then what you pay for the paper form. You need not get worried about the original copies as there is a zero possibility of getting it tampered because a digital form is always more protective.


Getting your hard copies converted to their digital forms could save you a lot of money. There could be a lot of reasons for it and some of them are listed below:

  • Portability: No extra bag needed to carry your published books. Carrying digital form in a small handheld device would be a lot much easier.
  • Readability: Digital book’s readability does not change over time whereas extra care needs to be taken for your print material as its papers may tear out quickly when it becomes older and needed reprinting.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Grab your library or bundle of books and get them converted to eBooks in order to save them for future use and sale. Also, save your money on printing different copies of the same topic, get a single eBook instead which is going to be inexpensive and our publication consultancy service will help you publish your eBooks online on different platforms to earn more than you expect from your hardcovers. It will help you in up-selling as well.

As we have already covered the cost difference between hard copies and eBooks, now is the time to find what we can save through different extension conversions:-

For an instance, if you have eBooks converted and published in a Mobi format then your readers may need to always buy a new device called Kindle when the old one stops working. What if you can get it converted to a universal format through eBook conversion services and let your readers read them on any device they own? One added advantage that you get if you opt for eBook conversion services from us and choose to get ePub format, you get Mobi conversion service at no additional cost, which means you are actually getting Mobi Format for free.

“A valid ePub runs on all the devices that are currently in the market but when we talk about saving our pockets, it does not mean just ePub but you may have a PDF version as well because its again a soft version of your hard copy and could give you all those benefits that we have already covered in this topic.”

If you are interested in our ebook conversion services then do fill our contact form or email us at info@globalebookconversion.

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