PDF to eBook Conversion for Print Material

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On January 12, 2018
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PDF to eBook Conversion for Print Material

Everyone is moving towards digitization, whether its money, online shopping or for that matter, almost everything else. So, why not your print material? PDF to eBook Conversion is one good method to get a great output format.

The time is gone when we used to carry heavy paper books in our bag because of the love for the book reading. Now, eBook formats are an amazing alternative, giving you the option to carry them in a small device wherever you go. If you are an author, writer or a publisher then a professional publication service can help you self publish your eBooks online. You may hire an eBook conversion company to get an eBook format of your print material which can be further played in these ebook reader devices.

We at GEC (Global eBook Conversion) create PDF to eBook formats and focus on making a format eligible to play in different ebook devices with no compatibility issues. PDF to eBook conversion reduces the production cost and risk.

pdf to ebook conversion | pdf to ebook formatting

We work on validating eBook formatting wherein we convert your printed material to eBooks and then applying different validations to make it run on several available devices in the market so that you do not have to spend money in buying a new device just to read other older formats. If you are looking for an ePub format which can be played on Apple iPad and Sony Reader devices, you can look out for Mobi format as well which is eligible to run on Amazon Kindle devices. Don’t worry, we do not charge additionally for Mobi format if you are opting our ePub conversion service.

An ePub format might not work fine on Apple devices such as iPad or iPhone. As such devices demands validated content and if your ePub format is not validated through IDPF standards it might not work on your Apple devices. This is why a professional PDF to eBook conversion service is recommended wherein they make sure that your final output is validated through checks and runs on various devices.

Benefits of a Validated ePub

  • No formatting errors and output looks better on devices.
  • Standardize books which are easier to submit to online selling platforms.
  • No compatibility issues across the e-reader devices.
  • Supports fixed layout formats as well as ebooks with reflowable content.

PDF to eBook Formatting Services:

PDF to eBook formatting demands a lot of commitment. PDF formats are very standard formats typically created for desktop reading and documentation wherein creating an ebook format using PDF as the base format is a good idea. Some of the highlights are mentioned below:

  • PDF to eBook formatting and content validation to ensure the format is playable on multiple devices.
  • Proofreading content to ensure there are no production errors in final output during PDF to ebook conversion.
  • Final outputs are always rendered in actual eBook devices.
  • Free Mobi format with each ePub conversion service.
  • Competitive ebook formatting pricing.
  • On-time delivery of converted formats.

If you have a PDF version of your book and looking to convert the same in an ebook format, we will be happy to help you. We provide PDF to eBook Conversion & formatting services for various ebook devices. You may write an email at info@globalebookconversion or fill up the quick quote form here.

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