Library Books to eBook Library

Library Books to eBook Library

Gone are the days when the very first picture one would envision on hearing the word Library was that of a large hall having the uniformly placed racks with different collection of books resembling the tall standing buildings of a secluded city filled with the unexplored mysteries at each and every corner and lurking with a distinct calm silence of its own.

To add more to it, the enthusiastic reader like a courageous explorer with all his might and determination to find his treasure (book), will be traveling in that mysterious city from one corner to another with a treasure map guiding him to reach his destination.

Though the resemblance may sound interesting and a bit adventurous too, but this was the plight of the reader looking for a book of interest in that large archive compendium and it was nothing less than looking for a pin in a haystack.

However, as said earlier “gone are the days” and to the rescue of explorer, eventually came the ‘E’-age (digital reading). With anything and everything around us going into the spiral of ‘E’ format or we say eBook format, thus making our lives easier and comfortable by making all kind of ebook conversion services accessible to us without even moving out of the comfort of our couch, how can that strenuous task of grabbing a book from the library be left untouched.

Before touching upon ‘how that arduous task is overcome by this savior AKA E-age’, for those who couldn’t figure out yet, what is this obscure yet so powerful singular alphabet ‘E’ that is doing all such miracles in our lives is all about, let me quote it in a much simpler way – “It’s all about the second parallel world known to human race as the ‘Internet’ where almost every service could be availed, which one could think of in actual world, either it be connecting with our beloved relatives or friends, shopping for luxuries, electronic gadgets or for the daily-need stuff, booking hotels, flights, tracking shipments and what not, you just name it and it could be done”.

So, now since it’s clear to everyone what this so-feeble looking ‘E’ is capable of, let us revisit the saga of explorer’s (reader’s) rescue by this ‘E’ the electronic age Hero.

To ease the plight of the reader striving in a library or a bookstore and at the same time keeping up with the fast-moving world where everybody seems to have less time to waste as there is lot more to do with so little span and everybody wants quick services at their disposal, came the technology of converting and making available the books to the reader in the electronic format namely the ‘eBook’ (In other terms we call them ePub, Mobi and Fixed layout format) through the eBook Creation services.

With the advent of such technology of conversion of books into an electronic format i.e., the ‘eBook’, the readers can simply have the pleasure of reading the book in the comfort of his own place without even going through the hassle of library searching or carrying those bulky books and paying hefty charges for them, all we need is an e-reader device like Kindle, iPad, Nook, Pocket reader, Cybook, Boox, Sony Reader etc which are available abundantly in this electronic age. Then he can simply download any available eBook to his device and start reading it or just store them without even occupying any physical space. All they will require is a few of the device storage space which is again not a constraint in this time of GB’s (Gigabytes) and TB’s (Terabytes).

As of now the only shortcoming this noble solution has is the availability of the books in the eBook format. There is a need of converting and making available as many books as possible in the eBook format through the eBook conversion services to cater the vast number of the readers who are looking for such options at their disposal.

We at GEC (Global eBook Conversion) are dedicated to cater this need of ePub and Kindle formatting services with the best quality standards and timely service at the most affordable and competitive price in the market thus striving to make the title of this writing i.e., “From Library Books to eBooks Library” a reality at the earliest.

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