Know about your Book Conversion

Know about your Book Conversion

How a hardcover book of PDF format gets into an eBook format? Various authors are still curious to know this process and are misguided.

I spoke to various clients who were looking for Kindle book format or Nook format; means they were concerned about devices only, they were completely unaware of the several other formats of eBooks. Because of that conversion companies are charging huge and unjustified amount to them.

Let’s start by knowing that it is important for an author/publisher to know that devices should not be the priority, it should be the format you want to convert. Likewise, ePub can be played on various devices like iPad, Nook, Sony Reader and Adobe Digital Editions (Desktop Reader); and Mobi can be played only by Kindle. So if you are looking for an eBook format for various devices so just simply request an ePub format. You DO NOT have to pay any additional cost for every single format. It is the only Mobi format which works only on Kindle device, otherwise, an ePub format can be played on most of the eBook devices.

We at Global eBook Conversion, provide valid ePub formatting service. Validation allows it to be played on Sony Reader, Apple iPad and Barnes & Noble Nook Devices. We do not charge any extra cost for rendering the eBook on multiple devices. Even though we provide a FREE MOBI format (Amazon Kindle format) with the ePub format.

A customer just needs to send us their files in PDF or Word format, we will evaluate the same and shall share the quote. After signing the proposal, ebook team shall start the conversion process and post successful conversion of the file, the ebook version is delivered to the customer.

Contact us at or fill the quick quote form for a free ebook conversion quote.

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