Identifying the Best eBook Conversion Company

Identifying the Best eBook Conversion Company

How do you identify the best ebook conversion and ebook formatting company for your book conversion? Do you try conversion tools or you go on the web and search for an ebook conversion company? In both the cases, one needs to ensure that the output we are seeking is top quality and provides great reading experience. We already know that conversion tools do not provide 100% accuracy when it comes to the final output, as the formatting of the output is always not up to the mark and there is a risk of data loss in the output. So how to choose a good ebook formatting company?

Now, it is more important to deep dive into detailing and find out what should be our criteria. Here are three basic steps for identifying the best eBook conversion company and formatting service provider:

1. Are they willing to provide a sample format?

When choosing an ebook formatting company, you should always ask them to share a sample format before proceeding for an end to end ebook conversion of the book. This will ensure you about the coming final output. You can also ask for past work for reference purpose. References to the work done by the company can act as a great source of inspection before taking a decision while selecting a particular ebook formatting company. This will help in setting right formatting expectations before the actual conversion process starts.

2. how images are used in the formats?

Images and illustrations are an important part of the books. They explain the context more easily and takes the content further. Sometimes, ebook conversion companies do not optimize the images properly in the final books which results in the poor formatting output and heavy book size. Also, inserting the image at the right position in the book format is also important.

3. Pricing

Pricing is the most important part while choosing an ebook conversion company. As there is a lot of confusion over choosing ebook format, online bookselling websites and ebook devices for various ebook formats.

Ebook Formatting Company

While choosing an ebook formatting company, the first step is to find out the right ebook format for your book. It is important because each book demands a specific ebook format output. For example, children’s book demands fixed layout ebook format. This format is usually created for comic books and where there are images only in the book. Similarly, ePub formats are used when output requires a lot of formatting complexities i.e numbers of illustrations, endnotes, table of content, interlinking etc.

Pricing varies based on the ebook format you are choosing. Fixed layout ebook formats are slightly costlier as they demand a lot of images editing and formatting efforts in ebook conversion. Fixed layout format usually costs $1 per page to $3 per page conversion. ePub formats are cheaper in comparison as they are converted in around $.70 per page to $1.50 per page.

If you are already willing to get an ePub format and wish to have Mobi Kindle format as well then you can contact us. We give Mobi format for free when choosing an ePub conversion service.

If you are looking for an ebook conversion service, we will be more than happy to help you. Contact us here.

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