Focus On The EBook Length Before EBook Creation

Focus On The EBook Length Before EBook Creation

There is a human tendency that more is better, however, there is another statement that goes with it “Excess of everything is Bad” which means anything you choose or work on should be appropriate in length. The content of an EBook should not be too short to create suspense for the readers and not too long to create disinterest. The EBook length should be decided before the actual EBook creation.

Ebook Length

The thing that we tried to explain is on the human behavioral ground, however, there are some technicalities to it as well.

First and the foremost thing that will get involved or is directly proportional to the length of an EBook received from EBook creation process is money. The more content you have, the more pages need to be served which directly impacts the investment you put in while getting your Book converted to an EBook through EBook Conversion services.

Next thing that we need to put the emphasis on is the download & load time of an EBook created through EBook creation service. The higher the number of pages would be, more time will be taken to download that EBook from the online store depending on the internet speed and load time will also increase in its respective reader however sometimes the readers will feel like leaving that stuff in there and move on which is a kind of negative sign for the writer, publisher as well as the investor. So, try to adopt the KISS principle which means “keep it short and simple”.

The third thing that needs to be worked on is the interest of the reader. If the content of an EBook is more than what a reader expects then he/she will not be interested in reading that content as they would feel not to engage themselves in going through those extra pages of unwanted stuff even if those pages really mean something related to the theme of the content.

So, as you have understood the importance of the length of your EBook generated using EBook creation services, make sure you focus on the same and get the optimal benefit out of it.