Q: Can you convert complex books that contain too many illustrations, tables, and footnotes?

A: Yes, we can convert all types of complex books according to international ebook market standards. We will use all the tables, illustrations, mathematical fractions as in proper manner.


Q: Can you convert comic books to a well-formatted eBook format?

A: Yes, we will take all the illustrations as images on a very high resolution so they look beautiful in devices. We are providing Apple fixed layout format for the Comic books.


Q: Will you perform proofreading on the content?

A: Yes, we do proofreading twice after the conversion. We make it sure that there will not be any loss of data or typos etc. We have maintained check sheets for each and every phase of ebook conversion.


Q: Can you convert educational books like Physics and Mathematics as they contain a lot of fractions, equations etc?

A: Yes, we will convert all these kind of books to easily readable view. We will take all the fractions as in nice looking images and use in the ebook.


Q: How do you ensure content security?

A: GEC does not use any kind of communication or conversion tool which may occur any kind of piracy. We use secured FTP servers and secured emails to transfer the content.


Q: What will you do for footnotes? Will you link to them?

A: Yes, we will create footnotes and link them to the required location. Sometimes we keep footnotes at the end of each chapter and sometime (when asked) we keep all the footnotes at the end of the book in a separate section. Once the reader clicks on a note, it takes to the top note page and once the user clicks back, it comes back to the page user was reading! This needs manual work of making tags and referencing them to the top of the book. therefore if a book has scores of footnotes, we may charge them in addition.


Q: However will you handle sidebars/breakouts?

A: Unlike the paper books, the e-Readers generate content that the font size may be adjusted as a reader resolution. So as to possess an honest reading experience, it’s most appropriate to render tiny sidebars as pictures instead of content. It’s insupportable to possess the bound content being ordered move into precise vogue (such as text wrapping) however we tend to accommodate the foremost pleasurable reading expertise by rendering the sidebars as pictures in a possible location on the page. The profit is that it permits the initial font vogue to be maintained and conjointly the particular content of the book to stay within the content flow. Also, with the Kindle having the speech to text in beta stage, it’s best to go away the sidebars as pictures otherwise, the speech to text flow wouldn’t add up to the reader. For cases wherever the sidebar or separate reading section item is sort of the page, we tend to position it as a separate section (remember that eReaders don’t have set pages).