Everything You Need To Do Before Self-Publishing an EBook

Everything You Need To Do Before Self-Publishing an EBook

The self publication does not start with self publishing an EBook and ends on the same; it begins from the content that gets published. So, the foremost ingredient is the content. We need to understand the audience taste which means the material they are actually expecting and looking for. It does not make sense to write an EBook with no reader choosing one.

There are different pre-steps that need to be taken before the actual self publication is executed.

  • The first thing that needs to be concentrated on before self publishing an EBook is the TOPIC as it really matters because the topic reflects the content crafted inside an EBook. This is actually the catcher that catches the audience attention. Try to declare the one that you can share your experiences on and are good at.
  • Platforms to write your EBook on: There are different software(s) that can be used to create an EBook, however, some of the common ones are:

              Libre Office

              MS Word

  • EBook Format: The easiest format an EBook can be created in is the PDF. It’s a portable document format easy to carry, share, upload and download. There is one best thing to this format is that it’s a kind of locked version which means nobody would be able to open that file and change your content unless and until they have the PDF editor(most of the times they are paid software(s)).
  • Structure of an EBook:

The second last step towards self publishing an EBook. If the EBook created through EBook conversion services have chapters or sections, some kind of intro/conclusion at the end of each chapter then it would be really nice and helpful for a reader to hear what he/she just read. You can integrate a voice file in there to brief the reader after every session so that he/she does not get deviated and forget whatever they have gone through.

Images: You can incorporate meaningful images to showcase your content and convince the reader to read all the way through.

Links: You can make a few words as links and connect them to their relevant destination so that they give a glimpse of what they actually mean and your reader do not feel lost.

It’s not always about earning money but relationships. So, you may upload your EBook and do not ask people to pay for it but get their email addresses instead so that you can make a strong email listing out there which may benefit you in the future with your other projects.

The last thing before self publishing an EBook would be uploading an EBook on bookshelves of Amazon and other popular stores for selling. There you can give the stores a kind of commission for giving you the platform to expose your content.