ePub – eBook for Multiple eReader Devices

ePub – eBook format for Multiple eReader Devices

eBook publishers, writers, and authors have been seeking epub conversion services for various eBook formats when it comes to reading the ePub ebook format on devices like iPad, Kindle, Nook and Sony Reader altogether. There has always been an issue with compatibility with different devices when performing the epub conversion. There was no such format which could be played on multiple devices. Publishers had to pay for creating multiple ebook formats for different users who are using different devices. The new ePub format which is validated through IDPF check can be rendered on multiple e-reader devices. It can be played on iPad including devices like Nook, Sony Reader and so on.

Since the inception of the eBooks, there was always a concern regarding the format for each device. As each device will play a different format only. At least, there was no ebook format which will show the accurate view of all the devices. IDPF’s ePub eBook format is the answer to that. It is the only format which can be played on multiple ebook devices with the great layout. For Mobi formats, you have only Kindle devices and they are not supported by any other physical device.

An ePub format can be played on multiple devices such as Apple iPad, Sony Reader, Nook, Adobe Digital Edition (Desktop reader) and many other devices. In fact, you can play it on Apple’s iPhone, iPod, and Blackberry Cell phones. If you are looking for a validated ePub format conversion then you have sought a profession ePub conversion service provider as no tool or a conversion software can validate a file.

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One of the important advantages of ePub ebook format is the conversion ability to other formats. You can convert it to other formats like Mobi, Lit, and RTF etc. Means you will be able to access the book on the devices like Amazon Kindle, and Kindle Fire. Read more about the ePub conversion services here.

Conclusion: An ePub eBook format will work on multiple devices than any other eBook format and is able to be converted to most of the other eBook format.

Note:- Before publishing your book validation is important. So make sure when you hire a conversion company for your book conversion, they validate your ePub according to all the standards defined by the IDPF. Mobi format does not require validations.

ePub eBook format keeps the standards of well-styled formatting, Including audio/video embedding ability. It is an open book format, which keeps all the chapters/sections of the book in different HTML or XHTML files. There is also an upgraded version of ePub2, called ePub3 can accommodate complex formatting layout and provides great design view. ePub has its own format for comics books/children’s book, which is usually called Apple Fixed Layout eBook format.

Global eBook Conversion offers ePub conversion services along with validation check on all the formats. We follow the IDPF standards to produce validated ePub formats which can be rendered in various ereader devices. We accept base formats like InDesign, Adobe PDF, MS Word document etc.

The author is the Project Manager of ePub conversion service team at GEC. Fill the quick quote form to get a quotation for your ePub conversion requirements.

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