ePub Conversion Service

ePub Conversion Service

ePub is one of the most popular eBook formats, readable on a large number of eBook readers and smartphones such as Apple iPad, Apple iPhone, Sony Readers, Barnes & Noble Nook and several Android-based mobiles and tablets. ePub Conversion Services are in trends due to its flexibility of accommodating in multiple e-reader devices.

So if you are looking for an ePub Formatting Service or ePub conversion service provider then make sure you ask them for an ePub format as a mandatory format. Firstly, it is readable on various ebook reader devices and lastly, the output is better than any other ebook format. It is interactive, responsive and easily accessible in random ebook devices.

We offer validated ePub Conversion Service, which means this format can be played on multiple eReader Devices such as Apple iPad, Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony Readers and so on.

PDF to ePub Conversion & Formatting

PDF formats can’t be played in eBook reader devices. That’s why there are specific format extensions which are called eBook formats. PDF to ePub conversion is required as ePub formats are played in various ebook readers. PDF to ePub conversion is the most popular and in-demand conversion service. There is a new version of ePub format called ePub3. It is just like an advanced version of the same format but brings more flexibility in terms of including audio, video graphics in the file. We prefer accepting PDF formats for ePub conversions as PDFs are portable and contain copyable text and better graphics. We accept Microsoft word format as well for ePub conversion.

Epub conversion services

ePub Validation

Global eBook Conversion has formalized an approach which ensures that a book meets the standards practices set by the Internal Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) for online publishing platforms. In this practice, we check each ePub format using validation checkers and remove all the junk code which is not required and put suggested CSS only.

The team at GEC have developed a standard ePub Conversion Validation practice that spots and removes all the flaws from the final version and verify the same in multiple devices before it goes to readers. This valid epub conversion practice enables a holistic approach wherein each line of the book is manually rendered while meeting the standard publishing requirements.

ePub Conversion Deliverables :

  • PDF to ePub formatting.
  • High-quality ePub formats which are readable on various ebook devices.
  • A line to line manual proofreading approach.
  • ePub Conversion service validation and standard check.
  • ePub3 Format conversion for complex ebook conversions.
  • Responsive design so that formatting is in-line with every portable device.
  • Dedication QA team is to ensure no data loss and no typos in the output.
  • On-time delivery and regular updates on the progress.
  • Secured data transition and privacy.
  • Reasonable costings across the formats.

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