eBook Publishing Consultation

eBook Publishers and writers are so much overloaded with countless content that they are puzzled between the choice of various eBook formats, devices, and selling platforms. We get so many questions from the writers about how they can make an eBook version of their books and in which format. Now, it becomes very important that they get right eBook publishing Consultation and understanding of the ebook business. In Self publishing, consultation is very much required as sometimes writers or authors are getting the eBook versions for the first time and they have several doubts about the eBook conversion.

In eBook Conversion and Publishing, one must consider the below approaches:

  • Choose the right eBook format by ensuring the device your readers are using.
  • Get maximum ebook formats that cover most of the popular ebook devices.
  • Choose PDF or Word file as the base format for conversion.
  • Good to have a table of content in your book so that readers can jump directly to the page they want to start with.
  • Proofreading is a must before publishing a book online.
  • Internal linking, so that users get the essence of technology while reading an eBook.
  • Insert social media links in your books, so that readers get to share the book recommendations on social sites.

eBook Conversion Consultation

In eBook Publishing, if you are publishing an eBook for the first time, eBook conversion consultation is very much required. Before you start the book conversion of your book, its good to clarify all your doubts about the format you are choosing to convert and understand what all devices can play that format. There is no use of having an ebook format which is not compatible to an eBook device. So eBook conversion consultation is required in order to choose the right ebook format for your readers. We must create something which is compatible with all the available ebook devices and has great readability.

eBook Self Publishing

In Self eBook publishing, we act as an end to end eBook conversion consultant. Before publishing a book online, one must consider some basic factors such as selling platforms and formats we choose. Your book must be well formatted, compatible with maximum e-reader devices, re-flowable content, high-quality images etc.

There are a lot of ebook converters available online that convert PDF to ebooks in several formats, however, conversion tool does not give accuracy in the output. Manually coding and Formatting a book makes it 100% accurate and well designed. We take utmost care while converting a book to ensure an ebook format fits in properly with the device. Read more here.

Activities Performed during eBook Conversion Service:

  • Identifying the right base format i.e PDF, MS Word etc.
  • Manual coding on each page of the eBook and putting the right CSS.
  • Rendering the output in eBook devices to ensure things are in place.
  • Use high-quality graphics.
  • Place table of content at the beginning of the book so that one can directly jump on a topic.
  • Word to word proof-reading after the conversion.
  • eBook Conversion standard checklist and validation.

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