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How an eBook Publishing company helping authors in self-publishing

In eBook Self Publishing, the realization of the change in the digital commerce and publishers trying to impend with the changes. GEC a professional ebook publishing company has temperate learning and knowledge on how to evaluate the parameters in eBook conversion and publishing for self-publishing authors and writers. The availability of various ebook formats in the market, some queries and abstracts often asked by the publishers on the means of eBook conversion or eBook designing. Most of the authors are more curious towards the ebook format which will best fit their requirements and how conversion process going to take place through an ebook publishing company.

There are two upmost factors in ebook self-publishing. Quality evaluations of books and publishing format selection. To start with one should always define their requirement and choose a right format depending upon their reader’s choices (Learn about ebook formats here). Secondly, quality evaluations is another important factor since readers are moving towards ebook reading for a reason and they should experience better when they read an eBook. So it is necessary to meet the ebook conversion guidelines while converting an eBook format.

  • Quality Evaluation
  • eBook Publishing Service

Quality Evaluation

We are well aware of the fact that in ebook self-publishing, you are commending your most compelling possession to us and so the reading facility and your publication rest on providing the best quality eBook design that is of the identical standard that your publication has been in. Global eBook Conversion provides a team comprising of thousands of man-hours advancing a lean digital conversion system that meticulously validates every potential error that may be occurred in the process of eBook conversion. The following up of the standards is essential. Following is a framework of our General and Device-specific standards for self-publishing eBook authors:

eBook Self publishing for Apple iPad
eBook Self publishing for Amazon Kindle
Formats: Apple iPad reads ePub formats including Fixed layout formatFormats: Kindle reads mobi format, Fixed Layout Mobi Format in Kindle Fire 8 and newer devices.
Images: PNG, JPEG, GIF formatsImages: GIF, JPG, BMP,  PNG formats
Footnotes: Footnotes will be linked to the same placeFootnotes: Footnotes will be linked to the same place
Table of Contents: It will be at the beginning of the ebookTable of Contents: It will be in the beginning and at the end of the ebook
Special Characters: You have to Unicode and use either UTF-8 or UTF-16Special Characters: You can not render non-latin characters in Kindle. You have to embed the letters.
Chapters: Every chapter to be in separate HTML fileChapters: Chapter can be separated using page breaks
Headings: All the headings will be chosen as per the content hierarchyHeadings: All the headings will be chosen as per the content hierarchy

eBook Publishing Service

The history of eBook publishing service maybe short yet it has gained plenty of propulsion whenever various publishers have augmented or indulged one format or the other. Authors who are afraid to go into the print market and are not confident to sell hard copies are moving towards self-publishing ebooks in multiple formats.

Selling an eBook version is a profitable idea as eBook does not cost the way print books costs. Most importantly, ebooks require just one-time conversion and you can sell it to as many as copies you want (Learn about cost here). In order to get an ebook conversion of your book, you would need a professional ebook publishing company who can create multiple eBook formats so that it can be sold on Amazon, Apple iBooks and Barnes& Noble etc.

The following list discloses all the formats that can be read on various eBook readers devices in self-publishing:

eBook Publishing FormatsFile ExtensionDRM SupportImage SupportSound SupportBook Marking
ePub (IDPF).epub
Fixed Layout
Fixed Layout ePub.epub


Are you looking for ebook self-publishing and Desired to self-publish your books in eBook format? Feel free to Contact us for all your ebook publishing service requirements. We convert books in various ebook formats such as ePub, Mobi and Fixed Layout formats for multiple eReader devices.