Ebook Library Vs Paper Book Library

Ebook Library Vs Paper Book Library

There has been an exhaustible debate on digital reading versus paper reading for years. Some avid readers stand by their true belief in paperbacks and are of the opinion that reading is a pleasure and the feeling of a physical book in your hands constitutes 90% of that pleasure. There are others who believe in reading on the go and having a vast collection of books on their smartphones or other gadgets to always be in the company of their favorite books. Moreover, with eBook conversion services and eBook formatting, it has become more accessible than ever to get all kinds of books from classics to recently published in the form of eBooks.

While we will not discount the pleasures of reading a paperback on a sunny morning, here are some reasons why you need to consider an eBook library instead of a paper book library!

  • There is no waiting involved when you need an e-book delivered because you can simply buy, download and commence reading your favorite eBook within a matter of minutes without leaving the comfort of your recliner. You do not have to go to a bookstore to purchase them or wait for days for them to be delivered in case you order them online.
  • Unlike paperbacks or hard copies, eBooks do not take up any space at all. You can practically store them without dedicating an entire room in your house to create an elaborate paper book library. This allows for a more flexible and less cumbersome storage idea where thousands of eBooks can be stored on a reading device, a computer or any other electronic gadget.
  • The best thing about an eBook library is that it is portable. If you are an avid reader and spend hours reading daily even when you are traveling, it can become very impractical for you to carry multiple books with you. On the other hand, having an eBook library entails being able to carry a rich library of hundreds of books with you in any eBook reader, laptop or notebook without giving any thought to their weight.
  • An eBook library is easily searchable. You do not have to flip pages to find your favorite quote or any other information that you wish to go back to. With an eBook library, you can locate any information within hundreds of eBooks without the headache of turning countless pages.
  • Since eBooks are available online or are delivered through the internet, you do not have to worry about any shipping or packaging expenses. In addition to that, they are comparatively less expensive than hardcovers or paperbacks. Even if you wish to read the traditional way, you can always opt for printing an eBook at any printing shop or on your home printer. This will still be cheaper than buying a new book.
  • Another great feature of an eBook library is that you can resize the fonts for your reading comfort. This is especially great for people with disabilities as they can read easily without compromising with or inconveniencing their health. It is even possible to convert your eBooks into audiobooks with the help of some additional software.
  • eBook formatting is another vital reason why you must opt for an eBook library. eBooks are formatted in the form of a digital file so that readers can enjoy an optimal reading experience. In addition to that, you can opt for different formats such as ePub, PDF, Amazon Mobi, etc. according to your preference.
  • Talking about eBook formatting, you can also choose to convert your eBooks into different formats in an eBook library. This feature is absent from a paper book library. If you want to convert your eBook from an ePub to a PDF, you can easily find several online converters to do it for you. However, if you are looking for a professional touch, several companies offereBook conversion services with quick turnaround time.
  • eBooks are eco-friendly as no trees are used for manufacturing paper for the pages of a standard paperback. Therefore, you can satisfy your reading appetite by downloading or buying as many books as you like without worrying about its environmental impacts.

If these points don’t convince you, imagine living in a remote village or on a secluded island. Then, all you need is a laptop or a reading device with a wireless internet connection to purchase or download as many books as you would like immediately. eBook conversion services have made our lives easier by providing such services for all types of books that you wish to read. If you have a poorly formatted PDF, you can avail eBook formatting services. With the advancement of technology, we already spend the majority of our time in front of computers and other electronic gadgets. So, why not read an eBook in a hassle-free way?