eBook Formatting Services

Global eBook Conversion provides eBook Formatting services in various eBook Formats i.e ePub Format, Kindle eBook Format, Fixed Layout eBook formats, Multimedia Format etc. We also provide pre-publishing support to authors and publishers, looking for a solution that fits into their requirements as well as budget. All you need to do share a PDF version of your file with us and ask for a format you need.

In eBook formatting services, we focus on adding designs, themes, and features that evidently help increase your readership. It, one way or another, help you gain more visibility that translates into a massive success. Since eBook formats demands are increasing, it is good to have an ebook version of your book so that you can reach the maximum reader to sell your books. For example, for a book which is being sold in the paper version, what if you sell it in Kindle eBook format too? Those ways you can sell it additionally on Amazon.com and earn additionally with it.

Some of the highly in-demand eBook formats that we have in our bouquet of offerings are below:

ePub Format:

ePub or valid ePub format is the standard ebook format that can be accessed on almost all smart ebook reader devices. It is the base format that platforms like Apple iBooks have made mandatory for a publisher to adopt. In addition to this, devices, such as Sony Reader, iPad, and Nook also support eBooks in this format. As said, it is the base format, it is used as the master copy for creating eBooks in other popular formats.

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Kindle eBook Format:

Kindle eBook Format is a great ebook version, which has been designed by Amazon, that primarily was an online bookstore. Kindle can store thousands of books, without pushing any burden on your bag or shoulders. Kindle eBook formats are played on all Amazon Kindle devices as Amazon Kindle supports only Mobi formats. In fact, .mobi is the most popular eBook format amongst the readers. As Kindle devices have the maximum market coverage so all the readers who carry this device need Kindle eBook Formats too.

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Nook is not an eBook format, it is an eReader device which plays ePub format. It is another popular brand of eBook readers on Android OS based mobile devices. The application has been prepared by Barnes & Noble, a well-known in the eBook publishing industry. GEC put in order your printed and digital books to be playable on Nook Reader.

Apple Fixed Layout Format:

Fixed Layout format is a special format specifically designed to create comic ebooks, a demanding development from the Apple, Inc. The file extension for the Apple Fixed Layout is usually .epub, and it is quite a great option for books that have rich texts and images to appease the visual senses of their younger readers when they specifically are exploring comic books on e-reader devices.

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Fixed Layout Mobi Format:

Fixed Layout Mobi formats are an advanced version of regular Kindle ebook formats. Its just they are designed differently for different purposes. Regular Mobi formats have reflowable content and adjustable page views but fixed Formats has fixed content on each page for a specific design. These formats are basically used to portray any specific book design for example:- children’s book and comic books are designed in Fixed Layout for better design and style arrangements. This format can only be played on the latest version of Kindle devices such as Kindle Fire 8.


ePub3 is just another version of the old ePub format. In this version, style guides are more accurately used and applied for better design and reading experience. These formats can be played on Apple iPad, Android Devices, Sony ebook readers and Nook etc.

Multimedia eBooks:

These digital books contain, right as per their noun, more than two media, including texts, graphics, illusions, videos, audios, etc. These are interactive books, used mainly for training, and also for creating an influential interactive reader experience.

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