Global eBook Conversion believes that ebook publishers and authors are overloaded with countless data. But it’s not sure that they gain correction information and understanding of the ebook business. We always believe in helping small and medium level business companies in order to build growth for them and that is why we behave or act as an eBook formatting consultant, conversion consultant as well as publishing consultant. EBook Conversion is a win-win situation as you are not supposed to spend unnecessary money in publishing your hardcover.

We find few basic approaches to simplify your electronic book phase.

  • Find out the marketing possibilities
  • Integrate with social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.
  • Find out DRM policy (single device specific or multi-device)
  • Genre focus (youth, academic or adults)
  • Select the titles for conversion
  • Discover impending partnerships
  • Develop an international level standard for your ebook conversion company
  • Accomplishment and suggesting distribution channel(Publishing consultant job)

ebook conversion consultant

It’s one of the most important phases of the eBook creation process. When we have an eBook or content in our hands, however, no readable format then it’s of no use to our readers. We must present something that is soothing and comfortable to reader’s eyes as well so that they do not feel stressed while reading stuff.

Following activities are performed during ebook conversion services:

  • eBook compatibility test on real devices.
  • No testing on simulators/emulators.
  • We run our checklist after conversion.
  • Different source files acceptance like Doc, pdf, Indesign etc.

ebook publishing consultant

We act as an end to end eBook conversion consultant. This is the last phase of your eBook online publication. Before publishing an eBook, book conversion to compatible formats is very much needed.

One cannot just publish the content online. It should be well formatted, easily readable and running on all new eBook readers like Kindle, Nook, Apple products etc.

There are a lot of converters in the market that convert PDF or any other old eBook format to its newer versions however we here in GEC take utmost care while converting to make sure everything fits in properly. Read more here.

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