eBook Conversion Service: For Authors & Publishers

eBook Conversion Service: For Authors & Publishers

Authors and publishers are often found so deeply indulged in creating their works that they forget about adding a dash of attraction to their books. We cannot deny the fact that the cover, texts, and graphics of a book have a great role to play in its success. A number of readers show interest in a book if its name and cover print attracts them. This is true for printed books, as well as digital books that seem to have taken over the popularity of printed books. So, we offer eBook conversion services as well for better readability.

Global eBook Conversion is an eBook conversion service provider. We aim to help the authors and publishers, who want their books, magazines, comics, journals, and documents to be converted from printed version to a digital version or from one digital format to another. We carry a more than decade broad experience in EBook Conversion and online publishing industry, and so far, we have assisted thousands of creative brains to build an online reader base, globally.


We at GEC (Global eBook Conversion), are not just limited to EBook conversion services. We also provide assistance in choosing design, theme, and graphics for your digital books. We have a deep understanding of standard eBook formats and global trends, because of which, we have created some of the largest selling digital books for renowned online platforms and app stores. No matter in which file format you bring your book to us, we can convert it with a promise of superior quality in your desired eBook format. We can convert eBooks in all and any format.

After all, reaching an audience to a wider spectrum is your goal, and GEC, in short, helps you reach and widen your readership.

Our Process

We generally take MS Word and PDF files from authors to initiate the content conversion- a part of EBook conversion service and styling process. From these basic formats, we at first create ePub or Mobi file. Both these files are basic eBook formats, on which, almost all other eBook file formats are based.

From your work accumulated in MS Word and PDF files, we can compose eBooks through EBook conversion service for any known reader device and software – such as Apple iPad, Sony Reader, Nook, and Amazon Kindle.

Global eBook Conversion provides FREE-of-cost eBooks in Mobi format, with each ePub conversion service.

WHAT do WE offer?

We offer competitive and affordable eBook conversion services to authors and publishers. But, before we send a quote for your assignment and you make up your mind on hiring us, it would be sensible to have a look at what we offer –


No matter how detailed, bulky, critical your assignment is, we always ensure the finest quality in our eBook conversion service/job. We follow global standard format under eBook formatting service so that your work does not miss the charm. All the eBooks generated by us surpass the benchmarks of quality and validity.


The ePub files that we prepare are based on international standards. It straightforwardly passes through ePubCheck, ePubPreflight and various other validation methods, set by renowned eBook publishing and selling platforms.

We have a strong belief that the quality of your eBooks has an important role in your success. That’s why each eBook file handled by us is proportionately certified and goes successfully through quality measurement evaluations. FYI validation is done under the guidelines published by IDPF (International Digital Publishing Forum).


We render the best possible and most suitable design and theme in your eBooks. We every time make sure that your books are easy to navigate, and have easy to see texts and crystal clear graphics. Apart from this, we deliver responsive designs in your eBooks – that helps you reach a wider readership. Responsive books automatically adjust themselves according to the screen resolution of the device, they are being opened on.

When working on your assignments, we make sure that paragraphs, graphics, tables, charts, flowcharts, header, footer, footnotes, bullets, quotes, citations, and margins are placed rightly (comes under ebook formatting services). We have a team that checks this manually and also with the help of technology.

Formatting the paragraph alignments and the indent correctly is critical exercises. If we find that these aspects have not been taken care of in the base file, then we will adjust these factors


Right after receiving your quotation request, we come into active mode, and keenly provide a personal assistant, while having a close attention toward your requirements and expectations. We are ready to take your calls on phone and Skype, to consult and assist you in a more personalized manner. Eager to respond to your queries and problems, we revert to all email conversations within a few hours.

Interested in our services? Contact us for ebook conversion services and formatting requirements.