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Ebook conversion at low cost:

As the eBook market is growing, many eBook Conversion, eBook Formatting companies are increasing their team size in order to generate more books thus more business. So the fight of ebook conversion services, formatting services at a low price has begun?

There are many companies who are working on flat price rate basis. They review the book titles and offer the flat price rates which may start from $70 to $120 for the book (including ePub, Mobi and Fixed Layout format) of around 100 pages. Other side companies who work on per page price rates they offer eBook Conversion services at $.40 to $1 per page or more.

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For an author who is looking for their ePub/Mobi conversion, this price rate is not at all demanding to pay. A general book which contains around 300 pages with some images and illustration will cost about $150. This service includes Conversion, Formatting, Quality Assurance and code validation of the book, layout review on multiple devices. Seems interesting? It becomes more valuable when the company agents provide free consultancy to the authors also (check our blog: Apple’s fixed layout format).

So the author remains happy by paying less money for their book conversion and later selling the book/format at a good cost.

An author will be charged even lesser when they provide Microsoft word as the base format. Because converting a book from Word format takes a little more time than the PDF. Also, it is little easy to fix the formatting of the book while developing from Word. So you can have your book ready in Word format before you supply your files to convert.

GEC is providing ebook conversion services like ePub conversion, Mobi conversion, fixed layout formatting etc. Contact us at info@globalebookconversion.com or fill the quick quote form for a free ebook conversion quote.

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