Design an EBook Cover That Impacts on Global Audience

Design an Ebook Cover That Impacts on Global Audience

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Readers are drowning in too many eBook choices. So, how do you ensure that your eBook cover design encourages your audience to download your book? Though we are told we should not judge a book by its cover, a great eBook design service helps to increase your eBook downloads and shares.

Here are important points to consider if you want your eBook cover design to not only grab the attention of a global audience but also make your book a must-read.

  • Color scheme
  • Use of images
  • Typography

Now that you have an idea of what eBook design service entails, let’s look at how to incorporate these factors in your cover.

Your global audience cannot resist an eBook that uses the right color scheme. EBook design service may use bold, subtle or subdued colors to appeal to your audience.

For example, you can develop feelings of excitement and buzz around your eBook. I mean, when you use bright bold colors on the cover you have a higher chance of stirring your readers up, right? You can pick colors such as orange, red and yellow. That said; avoid using the wrong combination of colors as it will be difficult to read the title.

You cover can be further enhanced by the use of imagery. Images can help to complement the cover and content of your eBook.

However, using a minimalist design is another awesome way to design your eBook design cover.

So, if your eBook title is striking or a straightforward, you do not have to use images. You don’t want to distract the e-reader from your message with images.

The typography on your eBook cover can make or break your dreams to have an impact on a global audience.

Use the right typography for a clear and easy to read the title. The tone of the book needs to be similar to that of the font you have picked.  Amateur or cliché fonts will spoil the quality of your design.

EBook design service also considers several other factors

First, using tools such as Photoshop, Canva, and Pixlr help to enhance your eBook cover design. Photoshop is one of the best tools for an eBook design service. That said, you can use the free version of the other tools or get additional features by paying a small fee.

Second, when it comes to deciding the size of your cover, you need to find out the requirements of various publishers. You should have your cover in a variety of appropriate sizes. That way, you’ll increase your eBook distribution.

Third, publishers require authors to use two types of cover images that include JPEG (JPEG, JPG) and TIFF (TIF/TIFF). They also specify the resolution needed for your images.

The above tips can help you come up with a great eBook cover design. The right eBook design service will get you an eye-catching cover that sells.