Craze of eBooks

Craze of eBooks

In today’s digital world, people are taking interest in electronics books, they want to carry things/books in their pocket or you say an ebook device. The reason is thousands of books i.e ePub, Mobi and Fixed Layout format can be stored in just a single device.

eBooks (Specially ePub and fixed layout formats) popularity is rising in the United States day by day. Working professionals are preferring tablets, iPads for reading the e-books. Authors/Book Publishers are interested to convert their textbooks into ePub and Mobi formats. Books store & libraries are also providing flexibility of electronic books to their readers/students. That is why big libraries are being converted into e-books. This is a new trend in today’s information technology world. Everybody is loving it 🙂

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In education also digital book literature can be a great help in future of Studying, learning & teaching process. Another side if universities can provide digital books to their students so then learning process can be more reliable and easily accessible. Comic books, storybooks can also convert in fixed layout format in an attractive way for children’s and these new generation formats have a multimedia function which includes videos, mp3 images & fixed layout. Overall ebooks are less likely to be lost, stolen or damaged.

eBook Publishers wants to give more flexibility to their readers by a standard code format “ePub” so they can easily read the eBooks on any device whether it is Apple iPad, Sony Reader, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, iPhone or any other device. I would say ebooks are our friend now!

e-Books have changed the way people read & the way to exchange the information. Hopefully, it will grow even more in the near future. Let see what next we will have. For now, we just enjoy what we have.

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