Craze of eBooks

Craze of eBooks In today’s digital world, people are taking interest in electronics books, they want to carry things/books in their pocket or you say an ebook device. The reason is thousands of books i.e ePub, Mobi and Fixed Layout format can be stored in just a single device.

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ePub – eBook for Multiple eReader Devices

ePub – eBook format for Multiple eReader Devices eBook publishers, writers, and authors have been seeking epub conversion services for various eBook formats when it comes to reading the ePub ebook format on devices like iPad, Kindle, Nook and Sony Reader altogether. There has always been an issue with compatibility with […]

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Apple Fixed Layout Format

Apple Fixed Layout Format In eBook publishing, a reader prefers a well-formatted book for the better reading experience. They use ePub format for the devices like iPad, Sony Reader, Nook and Mobi format for Kindle devices. ePub has some outstanding features like content flows according to the resolution of the […]

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What is Fixed Layout eBook Format?

What is Fixed Layout eBook Format? We are receiving so many requests to create fixed layout formats and authors/publishers are curious over this version of ebook formats. There is surely a reason to be this curiosity! Fixed layout formats are one of the most popular formats of eBooks today, especially […]

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Know about your Book Conversion

Know about your Book Conversion How a hardcover book of PDF format gets into an eBook format? Various authors are still curious to know this process and are misguided. I spoke to various clients who were looking for Kindle book format or Nook format; means they were concerned about devices […]

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