Benefits of eBook Conversion Services over Conversion Tools

Benefits of eBook Conversion Services over Conversion Tools

If you are an author or a publisher and looking for a digital and economical format of your written material then do not fall in an ambiguous situation and do think about eBook conversion services as the only solution.

There are 2 ways to get your print material converted to an eBook:
  1. Online or desktop Conversion Tool
  2. eBook Conversion Services

Now, as you know that there are tools in the market that could be used to accomplish what you actually want to, however, extra efforts are needed to get the desired form. The online tool is good enough when you have your printed material containing normal text as it’s easily convertible and formattable however it fails to format the complex figures like special characters, mathematical symbols, diagrams etc.

Converting complex books to ebook formats is a difficult task or actually, an impossible task as images, diagrams, hyperlinks, anchors may not work as required. Wherein a professional ebook conversion service will help you in getting better readability, interlinking, table of content, better alignment and so on. More than that you get responsiveness in your ebooks which makes them read in any device resolution.

eBook developers at GEC will not only convert your hardcover books but will also focus on fixed or reflowable content as per the device. Categorically, the display differs based on the content that the authors are writing. For an example, the fixed layout is necessarily needed when an author is writing a comic or for that matter anything similar.

Read about Fixed Layout format.

This is not all, we do help you publish your eBooks online through our publishing consultancy service to achieve more through selling and get better conversions.

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