Apple Fixed Layout Format

Apple Fixed Layout Format

In eBook publishing, a reader prefers a well-formatted book for the better reading experience. They use ePub format for the devices like iPad, Sony Reader, Nook and Mobi format for Kindle devices. ePub has some outstanding features like content flows according to the resolution of the devices, embedding audio/video. It includes complex tables, images, and the text.

But what about Comic books or children’s books? Comic books usually have image representations of characters which fill the left-right side pages of a book altogether sometimes, which means an image may have half of the part in the left side of the opened book and half part on the right. So illustrations generally fit the whole page of the book, and during eBook conversion, earlier we had to break these full-length images into two separate images just to forcefully adjust according to the size of a device screen. Refer to the image below:

Fixed layout format

Now, Apple’s Fixed Layout Format and Fixed Layout Mobi format has filled the gap. There is no limitation with comic books wherein you must crop the images for two different sides of the screen. Both of these formats are designed in a way that you don’t see the space between two images while reading the book in a device in landscape view. Below is the new output of an Apple’s Fixed Layout format or a Fixed Layout Mobi format:

Apple Fixed Layout Format for iPad

Conversion of Apple’s fixed layout format is much complex than the usual eBook conversion methods. Here, It is very important to take care of the image resolution & quality, page layout formatting, typesetting and embed fonts in fixed layout formats. Images are used in a way that they look in-line on the device screen. When you read this format in iPad, it presents richer layout than any other eBook format. Similarly, Fixed Layout Mobi format is used in latest Kindle devices and brings richer experience.

We offer Apple’ Fixed Layout Format and Fixed Layout Mobi format conversion services for devices such as Kindle Fire 8 and Apple iPads. We accept base formats like InDesign, Adobe PDF, MS Word document etc. It would be great if you send across a high quality file with us so when we convert the book, output is even better.

The author is the Project Manager of eBook conversion team at GEC. If you are looking for a Fixed Layout format conversion, do contact us today. We will be more than happy to assist you in your book conversion.

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