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If you are an author, artist or a publication, concerned over the success of your work; owing to the rising adoption of mobile devices that a large number of people nowadays use to fulfill their reading habits, then Global eBook Conversion company is here to lower your stress.

In addition to the escalating numbers and varieties of mobile devices, the world is also observing the mushrooming of many e-book formats, such as PDF, DOCX, .txt, .ePub, MOBI, eReader, HTML, iBooks, AZW, and .kf8. All these and various other formats are accessible only on their supported devices, for example, iPad, Sony Reader, Amazon Kindle, etc.

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This transforming trend is a concern, not just for the authors and publications, but also for the bookworms, who have a grand collection of ebooks in a format that their mobile device does not support. GEC as an eBook formatting company offers a hand of support to the writers, publication houses, and readers, who want their books and ebooks converted into their desired ebook format. We have worked with over 500+ Authors and Publishers for their ebook conversion needs and have converted to 2000+ ebook conversions. While authors and publications can increase their reach and ensure success, book lovers would be able to ease their appetite for reading – by getting their books and ebooks converted.

GEC, an eBook Conversion company offers ebook conversion services for all digital ebook formats. Our team of highly experienced ebook designers and developers are well aware of the international standards and market trends related to ebook publishing.

What We Do:

  • Convert your books/comics/educational & religious books/journals/magazines/articles/papers to an eBook format of your choice
  • Redesign and re-publish your book in the digital format to broaden your reach and earnings
  • Video and mp3 book conversion for iPad devices also available
  • Doublecheck your content to ensure that your ebook is free from logical, subjected-related, and typographical errors

Benefits of choosing an eBook conversion Company:

  • Quick, on-time delivery of your ebook conversion assignments
  • Consistent-quality throughput
  • Free consultation for publishers and authors, who want their books translated into an eBook
  • Charges based on per page basis
  • Free conversion into Mobi format with every book
  • Discounts available for bulk orders
  • IDPF’s standard ePub check / validation available

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